Pkcs slots

The line images can be used to create a two-dimensional image which is processed in the usual way.In the preferred embodiment, the region typically corresponds to the entire surface of an M-Print card, and the region ID corresponds to the unique M-Print card ID.Objects of this class represent slots that can accept tokens.Optionally the mobile device further including drive means, the drive means being configured to.

Also provides test interface to printhead such as temperature monitoring and Dead Nozzle Identification.Because the bridging contact 8019 is on the opposite side of the passive beams 806, actuation of the nozzle causes the priding contact to move upwardly, into contact with the contacts 8020.A larger aperture can potentially be utilised in the internal optical path than in the external optical path, since shallower depth of field is acceptable.In the preferred form, the Kip encoded data is printed in infrared ink, rendering it invisible or at least difficult to see with the unaided eye.As seen, the stylus nib does not obstruct the path of the ink to the paper at any orientation.Optionally the electronic connection address comprises one or more of the following.The need for swiping is of less concern in the context of authenticating a print medium prior to or during printing with the preferred embodiment of a mobile device incorporating a printer.If the CRC is valid, then error correction may potentially be skipped.

In the preferred Netpage surface coding scheme the ID is 96 bits long or less.Optionally the first information is indicative of at least one physical characteristic of the print medium.

Rather than relying on all possible future printers having optical encoders mounted to face the back of the card 226, the media coding can instead include clock 434 and data tracks 436 on the front as well.As described above, authentication relies on verifying the correspondence between data and a signature of that data.Optionally a print medium further including coded data containing second information encoded in accordance with a second encoding scheme distinct from the linear encoding scheme, wherein the first information is indicative of the second information.For example, a choice may be given to send the user a short text message via SMS, to call the user, or to send a voicemail.Optionally one of the at least one orientation indicators is positioned adjacent a first corner of the print medium.Optionally another of the orientation indicators is positioned adjacent a second corner of the print medium on the first face, the second corner being diagonally opposite the first corner.

A keyed hash or encrypted hash may be preferable to a random number since it requires no additional space in the authentication database.If a particular media size is significantly smaller than the maximum size representable in the minimum number of bits, then the Netpage code space may be inefficiently utilised.For example, if the user is reading an email or SMS shown on the display, inserting a print medium will cause the email or SMS to be printed.The length of the preamble sequence in bits is derived from a parameter which specifies the length of the preamble.Optionally each identity information is represented on the print area by at least two discrete items of data and the decoder outputs decoded data representing at least the identity information after receiving said at least two separate items of data.At the other end of the motor 242 is a planetary gearbox 246 with a 4:1 reduction.It will be noted that tab 1314 is formed of layers 1302, 1304 and 1306 only, whilst tab 1316 is formed of all four layers 1302, 1304, 1306 and 1308.An alternative nozzle design utilises a thermal inkjet mechanism for expelling ink from each nozzle.As best shown in FIG. 161, tension in the coil spring 1006 holds the stylus 1000 in a retracted position within the device.

The collapsing of the bubble 912 towards the point of collapse 917 causes some ink 911 to be drawn from within the nozzle 903 (from the sides 918 of the drop), and some to be drawn from the inlet passage 909, towards the point of collapse.Longer codes and codes with greater error-correcting capacities are computationally more expensive to decode than shorter codes or codes with smaller error-correcting capacities.Instead, a shutter 680 is introduced into the external imaging path for this purpose.Optionally the data track encodes first information in addition to the orientation indicator.Optionally the capping mechanism is further configured such that the capper is simultaneously displaced in a direction away from the printhead as it is displaced in the feed direction.This can be prevented by only enforcing the fragment verification limit for a fragment when the accompanying random signature is correct.The card can be coded to allow the printer to determine, prior to commencing printing, which side of the card is facing the printhead, i.e. the front or the back.

It contains four macrodots 1406, each of which represents the value of one bit by its presence (one) or absence (zero).Optionally the print cartridge including a plurality of the ink cartridges, the information being indicative of an average amount of ink remaining in the reservoirs in aggregate.

A lid 194 encloses the membrane 292 and includes spring supports 312 for locating and supporting corresponding sections of the spring 302.A tag group therefore encodes up to 160 bits of information common to all tag groups within a contiguous tiling of tags.Get an object for handling the token that is currently present in this slot, or null, if there.This can also be achieved by other means, such as by directly detecting the leading edge of the card.The ink ejection devices 1310 are arranged on alternate sides of a radial line, which results in closer radial spacing of their centers.A fragment verification limit can make verification subject to a denial of service attack, where an attacker deliberately exceeds the limit with invalid verification request in order to prevent further verification of the ID in question.The bottom moulding 306 includes clip formations 312 that snap into complementary apertures 314 formed in the top moulding 310.

The card can be coded to allow the printer to determine the unique Netpage identifier of the card from either side of the card.Unless there are at least two points of contact between the transport mechanism and the print medium in the printing path, separated by a minimum distance equal to the tag data acquisition distance, tag data cannot be extracted before printing commences, and the validation advantages discussed above do not obtain.Furthermore, the nature of the print data signal is well suited to optical transmission.The stylus nib includes a slot 1181 which extends obliquely along the flat surface 1191.As best shown in FIGS. 89 and 90, the printhead IC 202 has been extended to accommodate a photosensor 380 for receiving the data signal from the data LED 376.Similarly, it is not necessary for all of these features to be incorporated into the coded data on the media.Restrictions can be made on the way that communications are handled and processed.Rotation of the capper is caused by engaging arm 1185 in the angled slot 1181 in the stylus nib.